Our goal is to support the development of small, medium and large range businesses in the country by developing a business-buying and selling culture.

Accordingly, our basic services are divided in two ways:

  1. Buying and Selling Business;
  2. Business Assessment.

When buying a business, it is important for the interested party to see the basis for purchase of the existing business, which mainly includes business experience and history distinguished from the start-up business.

When selling a business it is important to choose the right time when the owner of the business should sell. Our goal is to show business owners the favorable period of such decision taking into account the internal and external factors.

In order to determine the right time to sell the business, to determine its value, to determine the structure or strategies influence, or to test the efficiency of other business processes, it is important to evaluate the business. In this part, our service includes analysis and evaluation of financial position of business according to internationally recognized standards. In addition, we are implementing calculation of business development forecasting, macro and microeconomic analysis of business environment.

For detailed information about business for sale, you can find the following websites:

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