Competition for constructing the chicken-egg producing farm

“Start – Business Solutions” has already helped entrepreneurs in starting  businesses. This time we offer a new idea for developing poultry industry, and we announce competition for interested parties, companies and individuals, who have desire to develop the chicken-egg producing farm.

Project Description:

“Start – Business Solutions” will support the first three winners of the project to establish and develop successful poultry farm by finding important monetary and non-monetary resources.

Project Requirements:

Everyone can participate in the project who have desire to work in the industry and who has previous experience in an agricultural sector.

  • Participant must be motivated and must have his/her own view about the sector/business.
  • Participant must be owner of the property/assets.
  • It will be an advantage, if participant owns industrial land plot.
  • It will be an advantage, if participant has management or entrepreneurial experience.


Winner of the competition will pay service fee only in case if the farm begins operating.

Winner of the competition takes the responsibility to manage and operate the farm successfully, with good intensions.

Evaluation and selection process – period:

  1. Applying – 11th of April;
  2. Participant selection and evaluation – 15th of April;
  3. Interviews with selected participants – 18th of April;
  4. Meeting and signing agreements with the three winner participants – 25th of April.

Receiving applications and contact information:

Please apply before the 11th of April

For the application form, please refer to the link

*Note: Applications received after 11th of  April will not be reviewed.

For additional information, here is the contact info:

Tel: +995 322 183 821; +995 571 22 49 14



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