At different times, our company has implemented social projects, which is the direction of our corporate responsibility:

Start in Georgia


Project start time: 2017

Project Completion Time: Temporarily Suspended.

Start in Georgia is a large-scale annual exhibition of start-up and development support organizations. For those who are planning to start a business, but do not have complete information about investment programs, startups, organizations needed for product refinement and development, the exhibition “Start in Georgia” presents the following organizations:

  • Business accelerators and incubators;
  • Funds, programs, banks;
  • Consulting companies;
  • Business start-up support projects.

As a result of the exhibition, future entrepreneurs will be more informed, prepared and motivated to start their own business.

The project started in 2017 and 3 events were held. The project was temporarily suspended due to restrictions on the Covid-19 pandemic.



Project start time: 2014

Project Completion Time: Temporarily Suspended. was the first Equity Crowdfunding platform in Georgia, through which start-up entrepreneurs in Georgia would have the opportunity to learn about their startups and business ideas for a wide range of investors and gain financial resources.

The users of the website were investors, individuals who are interested in investing in a business, and people who simply make donation-type subscriptions to fund a startup. These individuals can make a significant contribution to the development of the startup and, at the same time, become a business shareholder / partner.

The project ceased to exist due to the lack of a relevant legal framework in the country. At this point the company is on standby until the country makes legislation on Equity Crowdfunding.


Project start time: 2013

Project completion time: 2018

Many people wonder what business start-ups might be best for them, how to pick an idea, how to implement it, or any other similar issue. Also, a number of organizations are trying to find opportunities to expand and develop their existing business in new areas. It was decided to create StartUp.Ge to help them.

The site should have any information that a business start-up would need. In the absence of an idea, it was possible to find business ideas that might be related to either a new activity or an existing one, but by doing it in a new way, radically different results can be achieved. was also interesting for investors who want to invest money. Here they were given information such as the acquisition of an existing business or stake, the financing of a new business or the possibility of obtaining a franchise from a well-known international company.



Startup Marani

Project start time: 2014

Project completion time: 2016

Events for startups are quite popular all over the world nowadays. Every month a similar event is held in different countries of the world. In addition, global startup competitions are organized in the leading countries of the world.

At the start of the project, there was no permanent environment in Georgia where start-ups or start-up entrepreneurs would be able to share their ideas, business plans with investors and get funding if they are interested.

That is why we decided to launch a new Georgian project Start Up – Cellar, which aimed to create a kind of bridge between start-up entrepreneurs and investors and connect them, which would help implement new, innovative ideas in the country.

The project gave start-up entrepreneurs a chance to gain funding, and investors the opportunity to learn about innovative ideas and invest in business ideas that interest them.

About 10 events were held during the existence of the project, during which more than 100 startups presented themselves to the investors and made a presentation of their idea. Investment was also made in several of them.

Startup Cellar was a kind of accelerator. The project made a significant contribution to the development of the country’s startup ecosystem as there were almost no such opportunities for start-up entrepreneurs at that time.