About |Us|

Our company assist startups with the proper planning of new business, finding the proper contacts and making the right decisions. We also help them with attracting financial resources. Besides, “Start-Business Solutions” is actively involved in commercializing the business ideas.


Our |Skills|

Prepare a business plan 90%
Marketing research 95%
Business planning 85%
Strategic planning 85%
Financial planning and analysis 80%
Attract investments 90%


Our aim is that we become the starting point of many good changes. We want to support new business incentives. Moreover, we would like to help create many new businesses and products that will lead to the contribution to the development of society.


“Start-Business Solutions” is business supporting organization. It is the first company that offers startups the complex service- from the refining the business idea to the real business and development.


At different times, our company has implemented social projects, which is the direction of our corporate responsibility: Start In Georgia, Startups.ge, Startup.ge, Startup Marani.


Our story dates back to 2013 when we decided to create a company that would be supportive for emerging businesses. Innovation and creating new businesses has become the main priorities since the very beginning.


Our portfolio lists the companies where we have invested at different times. Some of these companies were founded by Start, while in some of them, Start bought shares at different times. Startups in these companies today may own a certain stake or have already left the business.


If you are interested in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Research, Finances, Investments, Marketing, Business plans, startups or just being in the environment where you are always surrounded by up-to date news then our company might be the important start of your career path.

Our |Team|

Larisa Pataraia

Director / Managing Partner

Jaba Burjaliani


Teona Tavdishvili

Head of Research / Junior Partner

Lika Chukhrukidze

Administrative Manager

Sopho Chelidze

Project Manager

Mariam Kiknadze

Project Manager Assistant

Tedo Tetvadze

Financial Analyst

Rati Gugunava

Affiliate Consultant

Saba Dzadzamia

Affiliate Consultant

Keti Tsereteli

Affiliate Consultant